How Long Does a miraDry® Treatment Take?

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Are you tired of battling the discomfort and embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating? If so, you're not alone. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can significantly impact your daily life and self-confidence, with many patients feeling discouraged in everyday situations, like at work, at school, and in social gatherings. Fortunately, there may be a solution to help you stay drier and regain your self-esteem. At NoSweat Fort Wayne, Dr. Philip Rettenmaier and our dedicated team offer miraDry treatment in Fort Wayne, IN to provide lasting relief from hyperhidrosis symptoms. Wondering how long the miraDry treatment takes and when you'll notice results? Keep reading for the answers to these miraDry FAQs and more.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is typically attributed to overactive sweat glands, which may be influenced by genetic factors or external triggers like stress and certain medications. Excessive underarm sweating,in particular, — which is a common manifestation of hyperhidrosis — can lead to a variety of disruptive symptoms, including discomfort, embarrassment, strong body odor, stains in the underarms of your shirt, and the need to constantly change clothes throughout the day. For many patients with excessive sweating under the arms, miraDry can be a life-changing solution.

How does miraDry work for hyperhidrosis?

miraDry is an innovative treatment designed to target and remove hyperactive sweat glands in the underarms, effectively reducing excessive sweating and other symptoms of hyperhidrosis. During the miraDry procedure, patients can relax as the specialized handpiece gently applies thermal energy to destroy the sweat glands while preserving surrounding tissues. By destroying overactive sweat glands, patients can achieve a dramatic improvement in:

  • Underarm sweating
  • Body odor
  • Shirt staining
  • Self-esteem

How long does a miraDry treatment take?

The miraDry treatment itself typically takes about an hour to complete. Patients can expect a comfortable experience during the procedure, with minimal discomfort and downtime. Following treatment, it's essential to allow the treated area to rest and heal properly, meaning patients should plan to avoid exercise, heat, hot tubs/swimming/baths, and other activities as instructed for a few days following treatment. While mild redness and irritation may occur initially, these symptoms typically subside within 1 – 3 days or even sooner.

How soon does miraDry start working?

Many patients experience a significant reduction in hyperhidrosis symptoms after just one miraDry session. However, to achieve optimal results, additional treatments may be necessary. The majority of patients will require a second miraDry session about 2 – 3 months after the initial treatment to ensure lasting outcomes. Once the treatment series is complete, results are long-lasting, as the sweat glands are effectively removed. Many patients achieve up to an 80% reduction in sweating with miraDry treatments.

Stop the embarrassing symptoms of hyperhidrosis with miraDry in Fort Wayne, IN

If you're tired of dealing with excessive underarm sweating and its associated challenges, or if hyperhidrosis is keeping you from feeling confident in your everyday life, miraDry treatment at NoSweat Fort Wayne could be the solution you've been searching for. For more information about the life-changing results that may be possible for you with miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment, call NoSweat Fort Wayne to schedule your private consultation with our dedicated team, under the direction of board-certified physician Dr. Philip Rettenmaier, today. We look forward to helping you get feel drier and more confident with miraDry.

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