Quanta Discovery Pico

Premier Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

The Next Generation of PicoSecond Laser that delivers unprecedented power and versatility

Quanta Discovery Pico moves beyond the first generation of stand-alone PicoSecond lasers. Combines the efficacy and speed of PicoSecond pulses with the proven safety profile of NanoSecond Q-switched pulses at 1064 & 532nm. Delivering the shortest pulse available (375ps) and industry-high peak power of 1.8GW the Discovery Pico provides the most efficient and safe treatments for Tattoo Removal, Pigmented lesions, and Skin Rejuvenation.

Quanta PicoSecond laser technology ensures practitioners are using the world’s most powerful, multi-treatment PicoSecond platform in the marketplace, allowing the device to be operated in four separate emission modes: PicoSecond, Q-Switched, Short Pulse, and Free Running.

Scar Free OptiBeam II technology:

Square and flat top laser beams grant safer and effective treatments. The energy is homogeneously delivered into the treated areas. The square beam avoids pulse overlapping, providing more efficient laser treatments thereby reducing treatment times by 20%.

IT'S ALL ABOUT POWER! An easy way to understand the effectiveness of the PicoSecond technology is by its Power.

The relationship between energy and pulse duration determines the max power delivered to the targeted area. The more power that is generated the greater the photo-acoustic effect allowing you to use a greater spot size, resulting in more safe and efficient treatments.


  • 1064: Targets black pigment, which resides deepest in the skin and is easiest to remove.
  • 532: This wavelength hits red/orange, which is the most shallow in the skin.
  • 694: This wavelength targets blue and green colors, which can be some of the toughest to remove. With the 694 Ruby, these colors don’t stand a chance.

For our pain-sensitive patients, NoSweat Laser Tattoo Removal also operates the Zimmer Cyro 6 skin cooling machine to help numb and dull any discomfort associated with tattoo removal prior to and during the removal treatment. For even more pain control we also offer Nitrous Oxide which provides pain and anxiety relief, ask for more information at your first visit.

There’s a lot of “fluff” in the world of laser tattoo removal. At NoSweat Laser Tattoo Removal, we believe it’s our responsibility to our customers to treat them with the best technology money can buy and inform them about the laser tattoo removal process along the way.