Can BeautiFill® Help Me Achieve Fuller-Looking Lips?

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Laser liposuction and fat transfer is commonly used to sculpt the body and give patients the shapelier curves they desire in areas like the buttocks and breasts. Many men and women are surprised to learn that laser lipo plus fat transfer can also help refresh deflated facial features. One of the most common treatment areas for facial fat transfer is the lips, with more patients each year turning to BeautiFill laser liposuction plus fat transfer to get the plump and juicy pout they've always wanted. Here, medical director of NoSweat Fort Wayne Dr. Philip Rettenmaier provides important information for patients considering BeautiFill fat transfer to the lips in Fort Wayne, IN. Keep reading to find answers to popular BeautiFill FAQs, and discover why this exciting lip filler alternative may be the treatment you've been searching for.

How does BeautiFill work for lip augmentation?

BeautiFill is a highly advanced laser liposuction and fat transfer system that offers patients the opportunity to use their own unwanted fat from one area of their body to add or restore volume in another place. During BeautiFill for the lips, Dr. Rettenmaier will first perform laser liposuction to harvest healthy fat cells from an area like the stomach, hips, or thighs, depending on where the patient has an adequate amount of excess fat. The BeautiFill system then rapidly processes the fat and isolates the healthiest, most uniform cells for optimal results. Finally, the prepared fat is injected into the patient's lips for instant fullness and a natural look and feel.

Should I get a fat transfer or lip fillers?

While lip fillers are also a popular option for adding volume to thin lips and enhancing the shape of the mouth and facial balance overall, some patients may be drawn to the unique benefits of laser liposuction plus fat transfer vs. lip fillers, such as:

  • No synthetic filler required
  • Reduced risk of side effects, allergic/adverse reactions, etc.
  • Results can last for many years or even indefinitely
  • Removes the need to return for repeat maintenance injections
  • Results look and feel remarkably natural
  • Opportunity to remove unwanted, stubborn fat from elsewhere

How long does a lip fat transfer last?

When fat cells are transferred to the lips via laser lipo plus fat transfer procedure, they will remain in their new location indefinitely. However, weight fluctuation can affect the size of the transferred fat cells — with weight gain enlarging the cells and weight loss shrinking them — which can, in turn, impact the size, shape, and other characteristics of the lips. For this reason, it is important that patients maintain a stable weight following their fat transfer.

Where else can fat transfer be performed on the face?

In addition to helping enhance the lips, a facial fat transfer with BeautiFill can be used to restore lost volume in sunken cheeks, smooth out deep facial lines and folds, and address various signs of aging around the eyes and jawline. During your consultation for a facial fat transfer in Fort Wayne, IN don't hesitate to discuss all of your concerns with Dr. Rettenmaier to learn more about what exciting transformations may be possible for you with BeautiFill.

Satisfy your lip envy with BeautiFill lip fat transfer in Fort Wayne, IN

If you feel like your thin lips are holding you back or making you stand out in a negative way, we are here to help you achieve the fuller, more desirable lip shape and improved self-esteem you deserve. For more information about your options for lip enhancement in Fort Wayne, IN, call to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Philip Rettenmaier or one of our knowledgeable aesthetic specialists at NoSweat Fort Wayne today.

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